About Me

A wedding is one of those fantasized occasions, we all have imagined at least once in our lives before we finally met “the one” and knew we’d take this very person down the aisle.

A wedding is the most significant moment that binds two people into a bond of “we”. Therefore a moment such as this must always be cherished and stored in the most prized way. Your wedding’s film is that golden recollection of a joyous day, ready to be watched for years to come.


I am here to capture this very occasion and turn it into the best movie you’ve ever seen. Bearing a passion for movie making since childhood, I studied film and technology production. Taking my passion to the next level, I worked on various film productions which shaped my skills and helped me groom myself as a film-maker.

When it comes down to your wedding film, the most important element is your story. The way both of you met and how you held each other’s hand through every thick and thin and how your first meeting turned into the luckiest moment of your life.


My aim is to capture your day as it unfolds in a relaxed, unobtrusive manner, capturing the day as you planned; the fun, laughter, tears and all of the small intimate details that make your day so special.

Every wedding film created is unique in its own way. Through the use of high definition camera technology and the latest in editing techniques, my goal is to deliver a truly breath taking cinematic experience that can be viewed for many years to come.

Got a question?

We would be happy to answer any question you have about any of our films or how we can accommodate your special day.